UCO Disposal Service


Used Cooking Oil (UCO) is a cumbersome and dangerous byproduct for various businesses in the food & beverage industry, not only due to the sheer quantities that need to be removed, but the socio-environmental impact, for which they are responsible for.

Biodiesel is a renewable, biodegradable fuel manufactured from a diverse mix of feedstocks, including recycled cooking oil (UCO), and animal fats. It is a cleaner-burning replacement for petroleum diesel that will reduce dependence on foreign petroleum, and improve our immediate environment.

Self bunded Storage

A self bunded storage is an above ground diesel storage option that can be used with or without pumps.

The self bunded storage unit can be used to store other combustible mediums.

Jakisa Stove & Oil

Jakisa Oil (which means "to burn or set alight" in Otjiherero) is a replacement for paraffin in the local domestic market. It is a socio-environmentally friendly 

solution containing absolutely no sulphur.

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