Used Cook Oil Disposal

Used Cooking Oil (UCO) is a cumbersome and dangerous byproduct. With research and awareness, we now know that used cooking oil is highly carcinogenic, and should not be consumed by people, reworked into animal feed, poured down the drain or dumped on landfills.

For various businesses in the food & beverage industry, disposal of UCO is challenging not only due to the sheer quantities that need to be removed, but the socio-environmental impact, for which these businesses can be held accountable for.

BEE aims to alleviate the pressure on industries and the environment by offering a disposal service, whereby all UCO is collected and not only disposed of in a safe and responsible manner but upcycled into biofuel.

Once a business takes responsibility for how it disposes of byproducts ethically, it becomes part of a more environmentally conscious process, recognised in turn by the Health Inspector, Municipality and general public.

BEE will issue the business with a Certificate of Safe Disposal with every safe disposal. The Certificates recognised by Health Inspector, Pollution Officer and the Municipality.

BEE proudly drives an awareness campaign on the hazards of reusing cooking oil with the support of the Cancer Association.


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