Self bunded Storage Solutions

A self bunded storage is an above ground diesel storage option that can be used with or without pumps.

The self bunded storage unit can be used to store other combustible mediums.


The tank features:

    •    Self bunded with internal tank and external bunt.

    •    Corner container lock castings.

    •    Internal ladder for access.

    •    Three 600mm manholes.

    •    Air breather vents for free venting.

    •    Containment compartment (internal bunt) with emergency vent.

    •    Calibrated contents dip stick.

    •    Interstitial space dip stick.

    •    Top roof section designed to release water, since it sits above the side rails of the tank.

    •    Lockable top sump for access points.

    •    Additional sockets, doubler pad points available to suit applications.

    •    Unit sand blasted to AS 2.5.

    •    Underside of the base bitumen coated for protection.

    •    Paint coating to c5-1 harsh environment standard.

    •    Statutory signage to suit end use location.

    •    Tank manufacture and compliance plates.

    •    Tanks are built in accordance to A.S. 1940-2004, AS 1692-2006 & SANS 103131-2004.

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