Manufactured by BEE Biofuel Manufacturing, Green Paraffin is a new biodegradable alternative to normal paraffin. While Green Paraffin works nearly exactly the same as normal paraffin, it is socio-environmentally friendly, and contains absolutely no sulphur. Green Paraffin also does not contaminate water or soil when spilt, unlike normal paraffin which is a contaminant.

Green Paraffin is also much safer to use in less ventilated spaces because it has a higher flash point, while its higher heating energy is perfect for cooking and winter heating. The raw product used to manufacture Green Paraffin is plant-based, a by-product of the plant oil extraction process that takes place in Windhoek, Namibia.

Why is Green Paraffin better?

Better burning

- higher heating energy than normal paraffin.

Better for safety

- higher flashpoint
than normal paraffin.

Better for the environment

- biodegradable recycled ingredients.

Better for your health

- contains NO sulphur, less harmful gasses

Better for stoves & lamps

- leaves hardly any

soot when burnt.

Ts & Cs: Biowood Oil- minimum order 1 x 5 litre bottle  |  Delivery time - 5 days after placement of order (ex stock)

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