GREEN Laundry Soap is made up of an organic, concentrated, plant-based formula designed to vanquish dirt, stains and grime, while helping you care for the environment.

100% biodegradable, GREEN Laundry Soap naturally cleans in any water temperature, which helps you save energy with each wash cycle and stops certain garments from losing their shape. Ideal for all fabrics. GREEN Laundry Soap can be used in top and front-loading washing machines, to soak and to pre-treat stains.

Method of use

  • Top Loading Machines use 1 cup

  • Small and front loading machines use a ½ cup

  • Soaking: Use 1 cup to 5 litres of hot water, leave overnight and wash normally.

  • Pre-treat stains: rub a little on the problem area immediately prior to washing

Safety information

Please keep out of reach of children. Eye Contact – flush eyes well with water. If Swallowed – drink plenty of water and if necessary contact a doctor. Please Recycle

Ingredients & Sizes

  • Soap base

  • Glycerine

  • Water

  • Fragrance

We have the following sizes available:

  • 5 litre

  • 25 litre

  • 200 litre

  • 1 000 litre (IBC)

Ts & Cs: Green Laundry Soap - minimum order 1 x 5 litre bottle |  Delivery time - 5 days after placement of order (ex stock)

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