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Green Degreaser is 100% biodegradable and can be used to clean drains and fat traps with sensitive septic tanks. The degreaser is a brown liquid, contains natural soaps and is free rinsing.

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Heavy soiled areas: 1:10 (500 ml in 5lt of hot water) Greasy kitchen equipment, fat traps and drains.

Spray bottle: Dilute 1:1 (250 ml in 250 ml hot water)

Can be applied with a mop, cloth, or spray bottle.

Contact time: 2 - 5 minutes will improve the results. Food contact surfaces and floors must be rinsed after cleaning. For all other surfaces, rinsing is optional.


We have the following sizes available to order:

5 liters | 25 liters

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Store in cool dry conditions, keep container tightly close when not in use.

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Highly Flammable  |  Keep away from fire or flame  |  For external use only  |  Avoid contact with eyes  |  In case of contact with

eyes, flush with water  |  Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs  |  Keep out of reach of children  |  Call doctor if ingested