BEE Biodegradable Degreaser is a strong degreaser and cleaner that can be used to clean all surfaces and equipment, making it a super effective liquid cleaning agent for hotels, restaurants workshops and factories.
It’s 100% biodegradable and contains natural soaps, is free rinsing and ideal for cleaning drains with sensitive septic tanks.

BEE Biodegradable Degreaser has many household applications but excels at cleaning kitchen equipment, extractor canopies, grills, walls, tiles and high traffic floor areas in in-dustrial kitchens.

It also clears and cleans fat traps, drains, engines and have a long list of other heavy duty applications.

Available in 750ml, 5L and bulk volume containers.

Directions for use

Normal dilution:

(125ml in 5lt of hot water)

Can be used for walls and floors

Heavily soiled areas

(500ml in 5lt of hot water)

Greasy kitchen
equipment, fat traps and drains

Spray bottle

Dilute 1:1
(250ml in 250ml hot water)

Can be applied with a mop, cloth or spray bottle

Contact time

2 - 5 minutes will improve the results. Food contact surfaces and floors must be rinsed after cleaning. For all other surfaces, rinsing is optional


  • Available in 1lt & 20lt containers

  • Store in cool dry conditions

  • Keep away from children

  • Keep container tightly close when not in use


  • Avoid contact with eyes

  • Do not mix with other detergents

  • Product contains alkaline metals

  • Care should be taken when used on sensitive surfaces

  • If concentrated DO NOT use on non-ferrous metals.


Degreaser can be used to clean all surfaces & equipment: kitchen equipment, extractor canopies, grills, walls, tiles, high traffic floor areas, drains, fat traps, engines and any heavy-duty household applications.

Ts & Cs: Biodegradable degreaser - minimum order 1 box of 12 (1lt) bottles  |  Delivery time - 5 days after placement of order (ex stock)

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