BEE (Be Energy Efficient) Biofuel Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd is a 100% Namibian-owned company, established in May 2015 and operational since Jan 2016.

While it is the largest biofuel operation in Namibia, at full capacity it can produce 600 000 liters of BioFuel per month, making it one of the largest in SADC.

BEE manufactures second generation biofuel in Namibia to blend with petroleum-based fuel, and eventually replace petroleum-based fuel, in order to reduce carbon emissions in line with the Namibian Government’s Vision 2030.

The vision of our company is to provide Namibia with affordable, environmentally-sustainable energy alternatives to the standard petroleum-based fuel used to power and industrialize the country.

By up cycling raw material, such as waste veg oil and waste animal oil and transforming it into renewable second generation biofuel, we can decrease the dependence on foreign fossil fuels.

This means we can bring innovative technologies and an unlimited supply of energy sources without damaging and polluting the environment.

Product testing and development led to viable applications for the market that meets the needs of environmentally conscious clients who want to be ahead of global trends without sacrificing profit margins.

Environmental Impact Assessment and financing for BEE commenced in October 2015.

Products manufactured locally in Windhoek by BEE are Biodiesel, Biodegradable Degreaser, Green Paraffin (a biodegradable alternative to paraffin), Biodegradable Wood Oil, Green Laundry Soap and Green Hand Sanitiser.

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